What is your time worth?

Don't spend hours trying to figure out which lender your file fits with by having to go through each of their manuals or sending emails and waiting for replies.

Don't decline a client because you are not aware of a lenders niche policy.

Increase efficiency with lenders by making sure that all unique features of your application fall within the parameters of their guidelines.Click on "Plan & Pricing" for more information.

Earn Free Extensions to your subscriptions.  Send a referral our way and if they subscribe to a one year subscription then your subscription will be extended by one month.  Send as many as you like!  Click on "Plan & Pricing" for more information.

Here are a few examples of what you can expect to find:

  • What type of financing does a lender do?  Insured, Insurable, Uninsurable?
  • Which lenders require condo docs?
  • Who allows Vendor Take Backs or Blanket/Inter Ailia Mortgages?
  • What are minimum square footage requirements?
  • Which lenders will bridge finance and what are the rates/costs to the client?
  • For rentals, which lenders will use fair market rent?
  • Which lenders will allow use of Maternity leave income?
  • What does a lender use for spousal or child support?
  • For rentals which lenders don't have premiums on their rates?
  • Which lenders will do flex down?

The "Niche Sheet" is an APP that provides residential policy information for "A Lending".  

While other products may have more of a National focus the Niche Sheet is designed specifically for ALBERTA Brokers and their unique market policies! 

A subscription to "Niche Sheet" allows you to download 2 APP's.  One for your computor/laptop and one for your mobile device so you always have access.

Information on the policies is updated as provided by the lender. This can save you hours of searching by assisting you in finding the right lender and avoiding declines. It can also assist if you use the same 2 or 3 lenders on a regular basis and their policies do not fit your file and you are just not familiar with other lenders policies. The "Niche Sheet" will let you know if there is another lender, or lenders, that will accomodate or consider your file.

There are over 70 Niches to assist you in finding the right lender while assisting you in meeting any efficiency ratios a lender might have to obtain bonuses. The APP has a search function that makes it very "user friendly".

Click on "Testimonials" at the top of the screen to see what other users have to say about the "Niche Sheet".  You can also click on this LINK for a short demonstation.  

If you have questions click on "contact us".  We would be happy to hear from you.